What is a Postnatal Doula

Support, nourish & listen. Mum cares for baby and the postnatal doula cares for mum.

In western societies we now see the idea of a ‘resting period’ after birth as a luxury. To be a good mother means that we must get up and get on, as soon as we get home from the hospital. The care, love and attention is only really placed on looking after the newborn. This is a dangerous notion and one that leads to a very high number of parents dealing with anxiety or suffering from postnatal depression. After emerging from pregnancy into parenthood, whether it be your first or fifth child, is an exhausting, all consuming, yet beautiful time. To allow yourself time to adjust to the new baby in your arms and the change in your world, it is imperative that you are looked after and supported.

Postpartum Doulas are here to fill a very sensitive and particular moment in time, that has been lost in the western culture. When a women gives birth, she needs to be supported and nourished so that she can be there to help her baby thrive. That is my job, that is what I am here to do. If you are not the one expecting a baby but a friend or a relative is, a gift of a postnatal doula will be something a family will never forget.

Before you find out more about me, below are some nasty facts around mental health after a baby is born. This is by no means here to scare you but to give a better understanding as to why this role is so important in the birth of a mother (not just your first child) and why we need to be supporting her.


My Service

My packages are tailored dependant on the needs of each individual family. If we get to meet before the birth than we will have an hour or so together to discuss what your ideas are around how your life will look after having a newborn baby, what type of care you think will suit you and if you have any food allergies or preferences

Once baby is born, I will come for 3 hour blocks of time, generally twice a week but again this can be tailored to yours and the babies needs.

Having a Doula: Their Benefits and Purpose

Our Birth Center is designed with the entire family in mind, with a special focus on you and your baby.


Latest from the Blog

Here are some blog posts covering all elements of newborn care, personal care etc. We will also have posts written be professionals in the newborn and birth area, as well as everyday mums who wish to share their thoughts and feelings.


Your Stories

Every now and again I will send out questions to people from all over our communities to see how certain areas of preganancy, birth, newborns and parenthood has affected them. It’s a great idea for those first time expectant parents to get a better idea of how these huge ife changes have affected others. Its also a great resource for us all to realise that we maybe areb’t the only ones who struggle. This is meant to give a realistic view and stand point on many areas of life.


Hi I am Emma

I’m Emma and I have 3 daughters. I and my husband Martin moved from East London to Melbourne in 2007, we got married at treasury gardens and had the reception on Lygon St in 2011. Leni our eldest was born in 2012, Maggie was born in 2014 and Rae was born in 2017.

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